Healthy Living


Teaching children to live healthily and well is very important. Children take part in a wide variety of physical activities each day.  Children run in ‘Healthy Heart’ sessions and learn the importance of keeping their bodies active and healthy. We have a very good relationship with DeVere School and use the school field and playground; exploring the assault course, tyre park, climbing wall as well as using the nursery tricycles on the playground.

We often meet up with the school reception class during healthy heart times.  We use the school hall for two PE sessions each week.  Children take part in parachute activities, music and movement, using balls, hoops and bean bags, team games as well as using apparatus including balance beams, monkey bars, jumps and ropes.


Children regularly take part in cooking activities at nursery, to either eat at snack or to take home. This is often linked to children’s interests or to a specific area of learning, for example making chinese food to celebrate Chinese New Year or making vegetable soup at harvest time. As well as following recipes children have opportunities to take part in ‘experimental cooking’, where they can create their own recipes, making their own choices about the ingredients they want to use!

Snack times and cooking activities provide wonderful opportunities to promote children’s learning and understanding of healthy eating. Adults engage in conversation with children, not only about which foods are good for us, but why they are good for us.